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Monday, 11 July 2016

5 Essentials for Website Homepages

When you are creating website, there are many things that need to go in your plan. And these are a few essentials that you can take into account for website development. As a web development expert, this plan will definitely work wonders for your website.

The essentials of a website namely include:

1.      Relevant Images

Website with full background images or many high resolutions images are common these days. You need to make sure that all the images you choose are enabled from the stock images. It is important for the users to ensure that you have a more interesting understanding of the overall look and feel. It is important for web developers to ensure that high resolutions images are used. But on top of the quality of the images, what matters is the message that image is conveying. This is what I mean by relevant images. Make sure they are arranged in various sizes and are made optimal for viewing across multiple devices.

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If you homepage does not have images or has images but has nothing to do with your products or services than may be your web presence is not up to the mark. Your homepage is mostly the landing page when users are browsing your website. This is reason, it is important for you to keep that bit interactive as that will drive traffic to your website. Make an appealing website and please your visitors. Keep them engaged to further navigate the website.
2.      Social Media Gateways

If you have web presence today, it is important that you understand the importance of social media gateways also. And you have right band on the home pages. It highlights the fact that you are active on social media channels. In fact I recommend having social media buttons on each and every page. It is important to drive engagement with your brand. The social media button increase the number of followers for your brand and also culminate in generating a recall value. They can act as great call to action or engagement for online campaigns. Social media marketing is one way brands are building image and creating customer loyalty. You can lead your customer to like your pages on various social media platforms and then be in their view all the time. This way you generate awareness of your brand and also optimize your presences online. It is indeed a must have for the website homepage. Outsourcing website development India can avail you high quality solutions at very competitive and affordable prices.

3.      Contact Information

Well, this is about trust. So without thinking much on it, place all your contact details on the homepage. This show how concerned you are and your efforts of availing services to your visitors. This makes you appear more authentic and trust worthy. Why on the homepage? Is because just in case your visitor is looking to only contact you, he/ she find its right on the landing page. It could be good incase the visitor does not navigate through the entire website. Incorporate this point in your home page requirements because:
  • Contact you via phone or email
  • Fine your brick and mortar location
  • Navigate to that location

4.      A Subscription Form

You wish to keep your customers updated! Make them subscribe to your newsletter. Newsletters are a great way to keep in touch with your customers, visitors or users. So having it on your homepages makes much sense. If your user is on your website for more than 5 minutes, set a subscription pop up on the homepage and make them subscribe to your interesting newsletter. Just make sure your newsletters are also very interesting and interactive.

5.      No Broken Links

That is the last thing you would want your user to encounter while on your website. It is a crucial matter. It hampers the overall user experience. And if they are on your homepage, you are as good as dead. If your homepage is your landing page then you need to be extra careful of these factors. They will remember this mess on your homepage. It can eventually lead to trust issues and in case of eCommerce website, it can lead to loss on business. Make sure you get rid of them now. Talk to E-Commerce Utvikling Spesialist to know more about the same.

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