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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Why Outsourcing Your Website could be the Best Decision You Ever Make?

The decision to develop and manage your website as well as your online marketing efforts in-house can be quite tempting. However, keeping them in-house do not always turn out to be as easy and cost-effective as they seem to be. Why? Just check out the following reasons:

Time constraint

Developing and managing a website can be a time-consuming task for especially those who are not tech- and web-savvy. A task that takes your staff almost 3 hours to complete may take only 30 minutes for an outsourcing website development agency. Now, you might have to juggle multiple tasks and deadlines, by outsourcing your website you can make sure that you don’t have to stretch too much. Moreover, you can ensure that your website is developed and managed by professionals with extensive experience in online marketing.

Soaring expenses
Managing a website in-house can be quite expensive! You would need to hire new staff members to manage the website and associated marketing. Along with that you would need to consider both hardware and software expenses. And may be training for your staff to learn special software. Outsourcing can help you lower your business overheads.

Inadequate expertise
Professional online marketing firms are adept at web marketing strategies, conversant with best practices and emerging technologies. By outsourcing your website to them, their expertise will be at your disposal. They will bring a different perspective to your online marketing plan which is very unlikely for you to have.

Gaining fresh insights

You can gain a fresh perspective by outsourcing your website. The hired agency can help your company to A/B test your website to get data-driven answers and help you know what works better. Also they can help you create a conversion optimization strategy for your website.

Get a strategic partner

Your outsourcing agency could be your strategic partner and thus skill sets from both you and your partner can be brought together. As a result, you can create a website that works wonder for your business and produces measurable and long lasting results.


Here we have mentioned few reasons why you must outsource your website. Which one, in-house or outsourcing web development and management, is a better option for your business? Do let me know by leaving your comments.

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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Top E-commerce Trends to Boost Your Online Growth in 2017

E-commerce space is getting fiercely competitive by the day and to stand out in the competition you would need to watch out for the trends that will prevail in 2017. This year e-commerce businesses which are designing a unique and amazing mobile experience for their customers will reap the rewards. Read on to know about the other key trends for this year:

Same-day delivery will continue to rise

E-commerce delivery times have drastically reduced over the past few years as a result of businesses attempting to fulfill customer expectations. Also they have been offering strategic shipping options like 1 hour delivery window in order to differentiate themselves from their competition. We expect same-day delivery trend to rise in 2017.

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SMEs to embrace personalization

Bigger brands like Amazon, Netflix and others offer personalized experiences by recommending highly targeted products; customers will expect the same level of personalization from small and medium sized businesses too. To achieve that, SMEs will rely on Artificial Intelligence to collect customers’ personal data and get insight about their buying behaviour for embracing personalization. Get in touch with an e-commerce development expert and get AI-powered tool integrated into your e-store to provide personalized e-commerce experience to your customers.

Use of digital wallet will continue

Last year we have witnessed more and more customers adopting digital payment options to complete contactless payment through all channels, like phones, cards and watches too. This trend is anticipated to rise and more customers will look forward to complete their transactions via digital wallets.

Loyalty schemes will rule

To sustain the competition in e-commerce space more e-commerce retailers will invest in customer loyalty schemes. The real winners will be those who can capture information about customers and use the same for offering highly personalized promotions and rewards.

Omni-channel strategies to increase

In 2017 we expect e-commerce businesses to start unifying their shopping channels with features such as real time stock information and multichannel wish lists. They will also make innovative omni-channel strategies to address issues like confused client base and diluted brand image.

Intelligent chatbots to engage e-commerce customers

This year we will see the rise of chatbots – combination of artificial intelligence and e-commerce personalization to deliver a new way communicating and shopping experience.  Chatbots are AI-powered automated messenger services that take customer engagement with your brand to the next level. They can answer customer service queries, suggest products, place orders, and so on. They can even detect the style of language used in conversation and would reply in similar manner.

So, to stay competitive select an e-commerce development agency that has a team of e-commerce specialists conversant with cutting edge technologies.

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Monday, 18 July 2016

What are the benefits of Modular CSS for Enterprises?

Web development experts try different methods to improve web apps and web objects. Here, CSS and HTML have a big role to play. Among these methods, a combination of technology methods leads to modular CSS that allows improvised and high quality CSS development.
In the modern times, Modular CSS has been an important part of web app development and web applications. Also, web development expert Modular CSS and HTML for development processes. But many of us still do not have good comprehension of modular CSS.

What is Modular CSS?

When web developers write modular codes using methods that share common goals and concepts but have different approaches to achieve those goals.

Monday, 11 July 2016

5 Essentials for Website Homepages

When you are creating website, there are many things that need to go in your plan. And these are a few essentials that you can take into account for website development. As a web development expert, this plan will definitely work wonders for your website.

The essentials of a website namely include:

1.      Relevant Images

Website with full background images or many high resolutions images are common these days. You need to make sure that all the images you choose are enabled from the stock images. It is important for the users to ensure that you have a more interesting understanding of the overall look and feel. It is important for web developers to ensure that high resolutions images are used. But on top of the quality of the images, what matters is the message that image is conveying. This is what I mean by relevant images. Make sure they are arranged in various sizes and are made optimal for viewing across multiple devices.

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

VWO : A/B Testing for Maketers

Visual Website Optimizer is a simple A/B testing device that permits showcasing experts to make diverse adaptations of their sites and greeting pages utilizing a point-and-snap manager (no HTML information required!) and after that see which form produces greatest change rate or deals. Incorporating the split testing programming is dead-basic: duplicate glue a code scrap in your site once and you are prepared to go live!

A/B testing, which involves running numerous variants of a webpage on the double and following which one performs best with clients, is a key a portion of dispatching another adaptation of any website.Visual Website Optimizer, which I'll simply get VWO starting now and into the foreseeable future, offers clients some assistance with managing this regularly complex procedure. The administration imparts some similiarities to a Y Combinator-subsidized startup called Optimizely, which propelled in July.

Monday, 1 June 2015

Select Ecommerce Platform According to Goals of Website

It's equally superb and obvious the way the arrival of internet has modified the approach to how we do things, particularly in business. The internet's speed and reach has vis-a-vital role in however the economy works within the recent years. Its simple influence is unbelievable. From tiny humble corporations, to very large and sophisticated enterprises, each business these days must incorporate this medium to more sell product and services via an internet store.

The market you have got currently has big exponentially and with such an enormous shopper pool it is so vital for you to choose the e-commerce platform that is the very best for your quiet business. You are looking to form a web site that'll herald your style of customers. More a lot of, there are numerous variable platforms at their various costs. For people who haven't stumble upon this however, selecting the platform is AN anxiety-ridden task. You would like to urge it right and you would like to try to it the terribly initial time.

Regardless of your expertise, you have got quite advantage reading this text. It going to offer you tips and concerns you will have to require in selecting an ecommerce platform. The most and most significant options of any platform that you're going to notice the age, measurability, security, dependability and support. Observe of those aspects for his or her quality can verify your success within the future. Customers wish to be assured that each one their transactions with your secure however as straightforward to conduct as attainable. You must mind the various costs that go along with every platform.

There can be 3 forms of e-commerce platforms that are some common and widely-used at once and here's a summing up of all of them.

Open supply ecommerce choices
Flexibility may be a huge advantage with this one, not being confined to the writing rules as you're with computer code. Open supply searching carts are something like cars that can be tailored. You’ll be able to style them in step with your preferences. Actually open supply systems are sturdy and tasteful that,. Additionally, offer a lot of flexibility.

Though it's open supply, it will go with a value. Here's wherever you may back track from victimization this sort of platform. Open supply solutions still have to be compelled to be designed and this equates to longer and energy and probably, cost. Another sedative drug is that there aren't any free upgrades and no support. You will be during a rough and exhausting place if ever your web site crashes therefore you may wish to believe however this may fare.
Hosted ecommerce Solutions
Hosted solutions offer you less headaches since you do not have to be compelled to slave over the technical operations so you'll be able to concentrate a lot of on your business. Hosted solutions guarantee fast start-up and switch around. Here, you will get dependability, measurability, continuous observation, full support and in contrast to open supply solutions, free and automatic upgrades. As a system, it's a lot of sturdy, therefore to talk.

By the way, whereas selecting a hosted resolution, certify that your provider's CISP certified and on Visa's approved list. Their name possesses to be in there too if you would like sure service and to avoid dealings issues.

In a shell, hosted solutions are ideal for little to medium sized business. This fashion you do not got to pay most investment in your own IT department. It is more of straightforward and reasonable thanks to safeguard your sales while not the too expensive investments.

Licensed Ecommerce Solutions
Some authorized resolution may be a combination of the 2 forms of solutions mentioned on top of. Here, you get the pliability that open supply solutions will provide. It may integrate third party solutions as your business spreads. This will be a really vital tool to secure you an area within the competitive market.

Most authorized ecommerce solutions sometimes choose a less value than hosted solutions, despite the beginning up value to be higher.

A slight drawback is that it extremely has to be put in with a authorized cart that ought to be integrated together with your web site. You wish over your basic skills and paint by numbers game plan to attain this properly. That is, unless you are the website designer. Otherwise, this would not be a worry the least bit.

If you are thinking for developing winning E-commerce website or Outsourcing E-Commerce Utvikling India to a Magento Utvikling Spesialist. You should read the other articles written by the author for tips and tricks related to this.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Conversion Optimization: Do It in A Right Way for Your Online Store

If you own an internet business or web site and are craving for ways in which to boost your conversion rate, likelihood is that you simply have come across the term “conversion optimization”.

Simply put, conversion improvement involves ways to induce a lot of folks to click the “Buy” button, sign in for your email list, or the other goals you've got established. The net has several tips to optimize your conversion rate however info out there that may really manufacture the other result.

There is a right approach and a wrong thanks to set about optimizing your conversion rate. We tend to are reaching to bust those common conversion improvement myths and show you the proper thanks to optimize.

Myth 1: Amendment The Graphics And Therefore The Sales Can Come Back

If this were true, then all websites, e-commerce stores, and on-line businesses would have all the sales within the world. Sadly, it is not.

Many people assume that the matter is however the web site appearance and not it’s content. That’s why there’s such a lot noise concerning graphics. Admittedly, graphics play a big role in your site’s conversion rate. However, it's not nearly as vital as your website’s content.

A booming web site isn't sometimes booming thanks to the bells and whistles. It’s booming thanks to the sheer awesomeness of its content. Folks can keep shopping for from you thru your web site if you'll be able to facilitate them “optimize their decisions”. Conversion improvement is a lot of concerning “decision optimization” than graphics and styles.

Myth 2: Guests Should Notice What They Have In Three Clicks Or Less

It is fascinating however the 3 click rule became pretty common on-line. The thought behind this rule is that the majority folks would generally quit on one thing on-line if they cannot notice what they have in 3 clicks or less.
The real question, however, is whether or not or not this can be true. Consistent with, a number one net knowledge and analytic firm, the typical visitant on visits eleven.2 pages on a daily basis and spends concerning ten.44 minutes on the location on a daily basis. That’s not one thing you'll be able to neutralize 3 clicks or less.

The 3 click rule ought to be taken figuratively, not virtually. The aim ought to be that your guests ought to notice what they have from your web site as quickly as attainable. Your focus ought to air optimizing your website’s navigation and search functions/processes.

Myth 3: Optimize All Web Site Parts

Focus your efforts, instead, on optimizing your website’s price proposition. In the end, it's not concerning the colors of your get button, the fashionable header or the attractive fonts. It’s not concerning however fashionable it's, the quantity and temporal order of your exit pop-ups, social signals or its trappings.

It is concerning what makes your complete distinctive. It’s concerning however you'll be able to communicate what causes you to special, and why you’re complete or business is healthier than your competition. you ought to be able to create a bearing on your guests and leave an enduring impression that may create them wish to rent your services, get your product and sign in for your consulting.

Always bear in mind one thing: all the multiple ads, split testing, landing pages as well as headlines can be said always to an end—leading your guests down the trail to your goal. If your business is lacking during this regard, all the testing and optimizing within the world won't mean something.

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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Make Your Website Lovable From SEO Point of View

Before 2005, flash websites were more common than nowadays. The web speed was slower than nowadays and rather than victimization videos on the web site, firms created flash movies and used them in their web site development comes. Pictures and animation looked pretty sensible at the time and therefore the loading time of the websites was lower. On the other hand search engines started evolving and that they started ignoring the flash content from websites. And nowadays flash movies and different content may be a nightmare for SEO.
If you're longing for a flash primarily based web site development project, can be a SEO disaster because the computer program crawlers will ignore most of the content on your web site. Despite however sensible it's or however relevant it's, there'll be terribly restricted resources that you simply are ready to use if you would like your web site to rank higher.

Website development firms have groups of knowledgeable website development specialist, web site designers and SEO specialists WHO work along to make one thing that's user friendly and is in a position to rank higher in search engines. Flash content appearance excellent on your web site, however the drawback is that you simply can got to hand over computer program ranking for it. Crawlers and computer program bots truly index text and pictures of the web site and so bring it up according the search keywords. This can be the only approach of understanding however search engines work. However once there's a flash animation on the web site, these bots can ignore it and treat it as a blank page which might bring the web site out of the highest results. when some recent updates from Google, the crawlers could also be ready to break down and browse the text however it's still not effective as reading hypertext markup language code.

How to get around this drawback :

Most firms like their website development experts to come up with their own flash content or flash animations. Though specialists do not suggest such apply, however if you actually need to try it, treat the flash content as pictures or videos. Place during a heap of descriptive text with keywords describing the content. The crawlers can then catch the outline text and can index the page.
If you're going for an entire web site coming up with and development project in flash, you'll be able to still use hypertext markup language parts within the web site to assist it rank higher. The most effective factor to try to here is build another layout of the web site which can work the backend or behind the visible flash content. This implies that you simply can got to place in double the trouble throughout the web site coming up with and development stage.
Being within the web site style and disapproval business for a protracted time, I’d not advise anyone to develop an entire web site victimization flash. The users love the animations however the search engines appear to own developed a habit of ignoring such content. There are solely 2 potential solutions to the present drawback and that I have mentioned them each, however the IT trade is evolving daily and there can be different solutions similarly. Speak to associate knowledgeable at our company concerning the other answer if you actually need to own your web site development project exhausted flash.

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Monday, 13 April 2015

Develop a Website To Stand Out Amongst The Crowd

Web designing has become one of the most important functions in any business. There are too many websites out there that look the same, therefore it becomes crucial to create one that is unique and stands out in the crowd. Make sure every element on the website has a reason to be where it is.

Consider The Following Points To Make The Website Stand Out In The Crowd:

Plan for the Users:

Many sites are not customer-centric; in short the site builder hardly considers customer needs while designing the website. However, it is very important to plan the website taking the customer needs into consideration. Hence take time to create a content strategy to outline who the customers should be and what their needs and interest are, develop the website depending on these needs and differ from the competition in meeting those needs.

Design An Eye-Catching Logo:

The website’s logo is something that determines whether to stay on the site or not. A Professional logo design more than often presents the site to be real or genuine. A logo is the first thing that would help users, make a judgment about the website. It should be placed correctly and should be designed to deliver the message the site intends. The logo also helps brand the social media presence and product.

Make The Most Of Visual Elements:

A picture may speak a thousand words a text can’t; however a wrong picture can even present a negative impact. A poor chosen image have a rubbish quality can also damage the brand in the most negative way. Ensure the image is beautiful, relevant to the theme of the site and not something that is picked out just for the hack of it.

Keep Mobile In Mind:

Since the evolution of mobile website, more and more users have started browsing the internet when on the go. Hence, it has become mandatory to design a mobile-friendly website to not lose customers. However, while designing for the mobile, make sure to keep it simple and easy for the users to navigate through the site with ease.

Ask For Feedbacks:

Conduct survey and ask for feedbacks from the existing customers to figure out which elements on the website actually work and which ones need improvisation. These surveys and feedbacks will help a great deal to determine what the users are actually looking for, then upgrade the website accordingly.

Follow these above mentioned tips to deliver good end results and stand out amongst the crowd.

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Friday, 12 December 2014

Design a website for good user experience

    Excellent user experience is an important part of the designing process. User experience is basically how a user feels while integrating with the system. This system could be a web site, desktop software, or a web application. User Experience is something that should be an integral part of designing form early concepts to final product.

     As the industries technologies and methodologies advance, websites and web applications have become more complex than before. What was once a static medium has transformed into a very rich and interactive experience.

User Experience design should be summed up into following core disciplines:
  • Content
  • Usability
  • Visual design
  • Interactive architecture
  • Research
  • Intelligent design

The prime benefits to implementing a good User Experience design:

Increased Productivity:

A thoroughly considered precise methodology will minimize the time spend on the site by the customers, delivering them with an excellent user experience and saving their time consumption will increase the traffic of the site.

Increased Sales:

A properly indicated user friendly process structure, from product selection to payment and delivery, will help the users get engaged in the site and keep coming for more.

Decreased training and support cost:

A stream lined design flow which will reduce the complexity will benefit the employees a great deal, as there will be less content and functionality to learn.

Reduced Development Time and Cost:

Working out a decent design strategy and knowing the intended user demographic will save resources from being wasted on generating superfluous content for the website, and focus more on what matters the most.

Reduced Maintenance Cost:

Less complex site means less support and less potential for failure. It is recommended to structure the site which is easily accessible and guides the visitors throughout the site without any confusion.

Providing the users with excellent user experience will get the company high return on its investments. This ensures that all the money put in the website will definitely generate into a measurable profit for the business. For instance, a good user experience design will:
  • Get the customers come back for more to buy the products/services offered, and are loyal
  • Providing them with good UX, will help them to find or buy the products/services with atmsot ease.
  • The site with good UX will have the ability to convert “browsers into buyers”, in turn increasing “browser” into “buyers” sale.
Customers will experience utmost satisfaction because the product/service was easy to find and access which in turn will help the business with higher conversion rates and higher sales figure.

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