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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Top E-commerce Trends to Boost Your Online Growth in 2017

E-commerce space is getting fiercely competitive by the day and to stand out in the competition you would need to watch out for the trends that will prevail in 2017. This year e-commerce businesses which are designing a unique and amazing mobile experience for their customers will reap the rewards. Read on to know about the other key trends for this year:

Same-day delivery will continue to rise

E-commerce delivery times have drastically reduced over the past few years as a result of businesses attempting to fulfill customer expectations. Also they have been offering strategic shipping options like 1 hour delivery window in order to differentiate themselves from their competition. We expect same-day delivery trend to rise in 2017.

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SMEs to embrace personalization

Bigger brands like Amazon, Netflix and others offer personalized experiences by recommending highly targeted products; customers will expect the same level of personalization from small and medium sized businesses too. To achieve that, SMEs will rely on Artificial Intelligence to collect customers’ personal data and get insight about their buying behaviour for embracing personalization. Get in touch with an e-commerce development expert and get AI-powered tool integrated into your e-store to provide personalized e-commerce experience to your customers.

Use of digital wallet will continue

Last year we have witnessed more and more customers adopting digital payment options to complete contactless payment through all channels, like phones, cards and watches too. This trend is anticipated to rise and more customers will look forward to complete their transactions via digital wallets.

Loyalty schemes will rule

To sustain the competition in e-commerce space more e-commerce retailers will invest in customer loyalty schemes. The real winners will be those who can capture information about customers and use the same for offering highly personalized promotions and rewards.

Omni-channel strategies to increase

In 2017 we expect e-commerce businesses to start unifying their shopping channels with features such as real time stock information and multichannel wish lists. They will also make innovative omni-channel strategies to address issues like confused client base and diluted brand image.

Intelligent chatbots to engage e-commerce customers

This year we will see the rise of chatbots – combination of artificial intelligence and e-commerce personalization to deliver a new way communicating and shopping experience.  Chatbots are AI-powered automated messenger services that take customer engagement with your brand to the next level. They can answer customer service queries, suggest products, place orders, and so on. They can even detect the style of language used in conversation and would reply in similar manner.

So, to stay competitive select an e-commerce development agency that has a team of e-commerce specialists conversant with cutting edge technologies.

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